Literally the only thing that fucks a Genji who is reflecting

Is Genji ruining OW eSports at the moment

Winston is designed as a Harasser and Medic Killer.The idea is that his mobility pretty much allows him to ignore the front line and go for the canada goose outlet store near me squishier characters at canada goose outlet florida the back like Zen, Widow or Mercy.You don want to buff him too much, canada goose outlet phone number and he certainly doesn a buff canada goose outlet factory to his damage output.However an improvement to his dome shield durability a form of health regeneration since he is the only tank without anything of that form and maybe a slow effect on his Tesla cannon ought to be enough. And even if he gets the kill he probably going to die too because of leap cd and leap just not really canada goose outlet nyc being that great of an escape in the first place. At long range it literally chance if his attacks hit, at higher ranks people are non stop moving and jumping, the likelihood of you actually landing your canada goose outlet las vegas left click everytime is tiny. You can just say “blah blah at high elo they aim 100% better” and hope anybody canada goose outlet store uk that isn high elo believes you.It a slow projectile, you may aim better at a higher rank, but everyone else is more aware and can dodge better too. canada goose outlet london uk The only time I remember getting 3 canada goose outlet orlando head shots with Genji is when widow was meta.A better nerf is just canada goose outlet ottawa reduce his max hp, nerf ult duration, and fix how buggy his reflect is (as sometimes it blocks damage from behind him and sometimes it doesnDepending on how one defines mobility, Genji is more mobile than Tracer. They both have mobility options the other lacks, and Genji also has vastly superior damage at range meaning he can still fight when he at medium to even long ranges, which Tracer pretty much can do.Tracer can dash and recall, sure, but Genji can also dash (and do big damage when he does it), and he can double jump and climb walls, neither of which Tracer can do.Tracer also canada goose outlet store toronto HAS to use her mobility canada goose outlet toronto factory to avoid projectiles or she easily dies. Right now the only real counter to a canada goose outlet online good genji is Winston, butWinston is in a pretty iffy spot as he gets canada goose outlet hong kong fucked on by almost every tank and canada goose kensington parka uk offence character right now.A small list of ideas that I be happy with 1 of at a time to see if it makes him incrementally easier to deal with:Reduce the AoE on his reflect. It ridiculous how large that reflect range is and he should be able to get damaged by splash from rockets, not reflect them when they are 5m to the side of him with his.5m sword. Literally the only thing that fucks a Genji who is reflecting is Mcree flashbang, but that a different kettle of fish.Allow us to melee through the reflect. Very frustrating as a support/sniper when you drop a genji 30hp, just for him to reflect in your face and then RMB+Melee+shift to deal 170 to you in an instant.Add dropoff to his shurikens. It insanely easy for Genji to build up ult from range and then go nuts with his ult. Even for a bad genji they can afk snipe until zarya canada goose outlet paypal ults and get potg and stop a canada goose outlet edmonton push.Lower his ult duration by 2 seconds. Lucio and Zen ult lasts for 6 seconds, one of the biggest banes of playing these two is that you can ult to stop a Genji Canada Goose Outlet ult, and he still kills one or two people anyway because his ult lasts 8 seconds.Make the dash only reset if Genji gets a final blow or does a threshold amount of damage to canada goose outlet price a target. It not just that his canada goose clothing uk ult his good, he just too hard to kill. Even his counters don have much hope against him, and everyone else has either a negative matchup against Genji or a very negative matchup against Genji.Any character that high level play becomes centered around is a problem. Right now, anything above rank 60 (and it getting lower the better the average player is) your team building comes down to countering Genji and the characters who support him, and even countering his counters. It a canada goose coats uk whole lot of effort based on beating a single character on the other team, and ultimately, if you don manage it, you lose.

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